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I´m a german-australian illustrator and contemporary drawing artist based a few miles outside Munich.

I studied fashion- and graphicdesign at the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode (Fashionschool) in Munich. After my graduation I worked in fashion, print design and advertising for Escada, Escada Sport, s.Oliver, KBC, Artis Merchandising, Petit Bateau a.o.

I was drawing print elements and developing print designs for textile prints and surface prints for various products.

As a free artist I sometimes participate in small group exhibitions. I also exhibited my works at some artfairs like Stroke Berlin, ArtMuc Munich and Art Karlsruhe.


Currently I concentrate on drawing and illustrating.

I am working on a long-term project - a book for which I illustrate the stories. As the book is being written at the same time - that´s on purpose so the stories and illustrations evolve alongside each other and inspire each other - it's kind of a slow moving project. I really enjoy it though, as I have never done anything like this before.

I also started looking for a suitable illustration/art agency I can join, as I wish I´d have more time to spend on drawing instead of spending so much time on aquiring clients. 


Regarding the arts, I see myself more as a drawing artist and an illustrator, as I always preferred drawing over painting. Painting involves liquid colors and sometimes lots of chemicals, especially if you use oil colors. Drawing material like pencils are a lot easier to handle and quicker to get started with. I indeed incorporate watercolor, gouache and acrylics - but I keep my works within the appearance of a drawing rather than a painting. 


I love ink too, which I use in form of a pen called rapidograph (by Rotring).

It´s similar to working with a fineliner, just scratchier. It feels like tattooing the paper. I don't like using a nib, it has to go back and forth between the ink tank and the paper all the time.

This is one of my most loved inkworks. It´s a Din A3 ink artwork, called Lovefood:



Lovefood ink artwork by contemporary drawing artist Susanne Margarete Lutz



I was really meditating over this one.

Drawing a paper full of details with this thin rapidograph-needle puts you in some state of meditative trance. You don´t need to go to a yoga resort or meditation hide away - just draw details and you´ll find yourself relaxed and recovered like after a vacation (or meditation).

I remember an elderly man speaking to me about it, when I was exhibiting at the ArtMuc artfair. 

After studying the artwork carefully he asked how long it took me to do this. I had him guess first before I answered. His guess was two days. He was quite astonished when I told him it took me a bit more than two weeks. He then said it must require a lot of patience to do that. Yes I'm patient, but I wouldn't say I'm particularly or overly patient.

It´s really the technique itself which makes you endure and embrace the time it takes. So in the end the meditative effect that´s caused by the drawing technique puts you in a patient state of mind.



My favorite drawing themes are pretty much set since I went to Fashionschool. It´s fashion, figure drawing, fantasy and portraiture. I can draw landscapes or flowers too, but I´m just not too euphoric about it. And euphorism plays a huge role. It helps getting you into the flow of making your art. Of course the topics I work on that are fuled with euphorism are easier than the ones where the level of euphorism is lower or very low.


I have experimented excessively with my materials and my techniques - even though the experimenting never really stops - and I have come to a point where I feel secure with what I do.

Still, the practice in the field of art is "never finished". There´s always an "evolving", but that´s really the greatest thing about making art. Evolving your technique and your personal style triggers your motivation to bring out the best in you. That´s probably applicable to many professions. 


Getting lost in detailing is something I always loved, especially with my ink-works, but I´m just starting to find ways into more "blank paper areas" too and quite like it.

It brings this slight abstractness into my drawings, that makes them look "easy" - as if they were drawn more effortlessly.

An example for what I mean by this:



Fashion illustration by contemporary drawing artist Susanne Margarete Lutz  



Because I´m ever since passionately drawn to fashion topics and fashion illustration, I recently became a member at FIDA.

It's a community of illustrators and fashion artists who are working on some interesting projects for popular fashion brands from time to time.

They`re also holding illustration awards twice a year.

I took part in the two most recent ones and made it to the finals both times, which I felt was a great honor given all the immense talent and many great artists that competed.

This is the link to my member portfolio at Fida:



Free Art Downloads

For the ones who like my recent illustrations - which are mostly fashion related drawings I can´t sell for legal reasons - I created a section where you can download them as small printable files (14,8cm x 21,0cm; 5,83"x 8,27"; 300dpi) FOR FREE :) 



New Blog 

Further news are that I staretd to write a blog, called art & bla. You can find that here: 




At creatives.new you can visit my portfolio which gives you a good overview about my drawing style:



Press Packs

If you are an editor at an art or fashion related magazine and you´re looking for press releases about some of my projects or artworks, I will have ready made press packs very soon to download here:




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If you have any inquiries or questions you´re welcome to contact me for more information via email to mail@susannemargaretelutz.de.


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So for now, if you´d like to have an Instagram account through which you can reach me it´s: @untrucdemode

If you have any questions about a product, don´t hesitate to ask me! You can contact me via email to mail@susannemargaretelutz.de


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